Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas and Birthday Parties

Making Gingerbread Houses at Nana and Papas...
 The houses were eaten within a week but they had lots of fun making and devouring them.
 Just needed to include a pic of Emma
 Clara with 3 Sock Puppets on at once :)
 Rachel, Clara and Brielle as Angels at Nana's Nativity
 Their cousin Paige as a wise man
 Rachel's Birthday!!  Yes its a snowman army.
 Blowing out the candles.
 A cute pic of all our girls. It was very windy the day we took our family photo. But they turned out beautifully. Thanks Mitch.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Here she is: Baby Emma Kathryn Shepherd!

Rachel and Clara never seem to get enough turns holding her and kissing her.

Mom came just in time, the day we got out of the hospital. 

I went to the parade and the kiddie carnival with the two girls and nana and papa on the 24th and didn't feel like I was going to be in labor anytime soon.. but at 4:30 in the afternoon my water broke... and so later that night I was induced and Emma was born at 1:55am. We are both trying to catch up on sleep but are otherwise healthy and happy!

Friday, June 29, 2012

We're alive!

Here are some of the things we've been up to lately...
Clara at the zoo, just outside the new polar bear exhibit, we got to see him swimming!

Rachel at swimming lessons.  She is now a pro at blowing bubbles and is not a bit afraid of going off of the slide or diving board,(as long as someone is there to bring her back to the side). Thanks Miss Debbie!

 We got chickens! They are lots of fun and now that they are big they live outside and poop outside and will soon provide us with some healthy eggs.
Here the chicks are when they were small and Rachel... before she cut her own hair.

 Here is Rachel post haircut learning about nests... since it was spring.

This was the last time it rained, long long ago and the girls took turns with my polka dot umbrella and their mucking boots.

Here is Rachel with our teenage chicken 'Reba" and an older dress my mom gave us from when I was a girl.  Rachel loves it because it has a big duck on it. She looks just like farmer with her duck dress, mucking boots and chicken in hand. 
We did make it to fish lake at least once this year, thankfully before the whole state was on fire so we got to roast marshmellows and go fishing too...
 Rachel and Dad caught 2 rainbow trout. This was a great experience for Rachel. She watched dad take out the hook, gut it and cook it. She got the whole experience.

Preston and Rachel each with a rainbow trout at Fish Lake. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yosemite And Sequoia Vacation

Here we are at the Sequoia National Forest, the trees are bigger than life and they look beautiful in the sunlight. Their bark is reddish and just glows.

Way at the bottom are Clara and I..

This is Half dome... it is huge, we planned to hike up it 8900 ft elevation and 16 mile round trip...
This is part way up, after traversing very misty waterfalls and climbing hundreds of granite steps.
This is us at the SUMMIT! Ryan, Katie, Jeff, Liz and Lauren Woohoooo!

Half dome is behind us in the cloud above Katie's head. Yes in a cloud!
Next to the sign we are at the bottom. We climbed half dome with the cables down, meaning we had to hold up the cables in our hands and we harnessed up and used a prussix to keep us from falling should we slip off the 45 degree granite incline. The cables weren't up yet because there was still snow on the subdome, and we had to at times walk up the snow because the last of the granite steps were covered in snow.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Up to

Here's What we've been up to... gardening and camping!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our New Swingset!

We designed and built this ourselves. A commercial grade swingset for our very own backyard. It was too expensive to order one from a company, so Ryan engineered one using electrical pipe of all things.

We love it!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ryan and Kate's Trip to Moab

Mountain Biking Klondike Bluffs. We saw some great dinosaur tracks in the sandstone.A great repel just outside of the practice loop area.
Here is the view at the top of Klondike Bluffs. We didn't have anyone to take our photo so the view is hidden at the bottom of the photo.
Delicate Arch. This hike was fun. You walk up some steep slick rock and through part of a little canyon and you can't see the arch until the very end of the hike. So worth it!
We did the practice loop and I think those boy scouts who do this every year are very brave. Lots of fun. Thanks Mom for watching the girls so we could go!